Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rayden @ 10 months old

Brought Rayden for a new haircut on Friday!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Marina Bay Sands

We had an early dinner on Saturday evening.

The first time we are going to Marina Bay Sands. The carpark was rather difficult to find. No signs guiding us to the carpark. Daddy spend alot of time u-turning the car.

But finally, managed to park our car.

The Helix bridge

The YOG mascot - Lyo and Merly The nigh view of Marina Bay

After 1 hour of walking, we decided to take a rest at the food court for some snacks.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Western Aussie Day 7

Day 7: Perth, Singapore

It was t lahest day in Perth. Daddy and yi mama packed up our luggage and checked out of our apartment.

We spent the morning @ King's Park. The place where you can see the city of Perth.

We were so happy that we can run around everywhere again.
The parks in Aussie are all so child friendly. And the grasses are so soft. We can just run around everywhere.
Daddy and mummy just sit around watching us run

Where did I get this blue flag?
Do I look like I am flying a kite?
Then we proceed to the playground...
Mummy just sat down at the cafe watched me playing, while enjoying a cup of cuppucino and muffin. And Caden was sleeping on her lap

Okay, it's time to go! Before that let me have my ice cream!
When we reached the airport, Caden was still sleeping. The airport staff guided mummy to grab the strollers.
And again, our lunch was chips. At else, it was the last meal. Mummy was dying to eat mee pok tar. Okay la mummy, just endure a few more hours.

Yi mama bought us all a set of colouring books before boarding the plane.

Mummy was praying hard for a good flight back to Singapore.

Me, as usual, just like at home.
Milk time for Caden but still not his nap time.
Our kids meal - Cheese Macoroni
After 3 plus hours of flight, Caden became restless... But I was still hooked on my TV shows. During that hour, mummy began to appreciate the night flight to Perth. LOLx!

Yes! Gong gong and popo will be coming to fetch us all home... Cant wait to see them!

And so, our 7 days holiday had over. Mummy, pls plan our next trip! :-p

Friday, August 06, 2010

Western Aussie Day 6

Day 6: Perth

Mummy tols us that we were able to see kangaroos, wombats, Koala bears,etc.. in this park.

Caversham Wildlife Park is located 30 mins drive north from our apartment.

The kangaroos were all free roaming in this area.
Let me hug this kangaroo
Can I bring one home, mummy?

The height of the kangaroo is same as us...

Mummy's turn to take photo with kangaroos
Kangaroo feeding

This wombat looked like a big fat rat

Its Koala time

Thereafter, we drove down to Fremantle.
The first thing we do was to have our lunch.
We headed to the famous Cicerello's Fish and Chips. It is famous, but the taste was just so - so

Look at all the chips.. so fattening eh.. mummy, u better watch out your size... hee hee

The Fremantle Harbour

With the Cicerello's restaurant as our background

Time to walk back to the market... On the way, there are playgrounds and open space.. And we are playing and running on the space..
Ring around the rosie, A pocket full of posie...
The swings
And it was time for shopping again.
The Fremantle Market.

After an hour of shopping, we sat down for our snack. The Crepe!!! and was a Chocolate crepe.. yummy!

After that, we drove back to Perth.
It's late night shopping in Perth on Friday night!! Mummy and yi mama was going to burn their pockets again.

Muumy took photos with the 3 monkies after her shopping.

Time to go back to our apartment to have a good rest. It was late already. We will fly back to Singapore the next day